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Concrete is a vital component of building. Concrete is the foundation on which your Chicagoland Garage Builders® garage will be constructed upon. We have numerous years of experience in laying concrete.

The site preparation as well as the concrete mix is critical. We always meet or exceed all building codes.

We are extremely knowledgeable and our prices are very competitive.

Through years of experience in the construction industry there are many factors to take into consideration. It is always best to make sure you hire an experienced contractor with knowledge in every aspect of the work he is performing. We are also mindful of the environmental impact in the construction industry as we move forward in an eco-friendly world.

If the contractor asks you to obtain the permit in your name, he is probably not licensed, bonded or insured. A reputable contractor puts it in writing. A written estimate should specify everything in the price.

Chicagoland Garage Builders® will always give you a written detailed estimate. We can assist you in planning and designing your next concrete project. We are familiar with the local building codes which is always important during the initial planning process.

“Green Concrete”

We truly believe that everyone must do their part to protect our environment. That is why we are proud to say that we have developed a concrete mix design to do just that. We have labeled this our “green concrete.” Our green concrete leaves much less of an impact on the environment than a standard portland concrete mix design. We also designed our concrete with extreme durability in mind. The overall strength of our concrete also exceeds standard concrete mix designs.

Whether you need a service walk or a concrete driveway, you can always trust that Chicagoland Garage Builders® can supply you with top quality concrete work with the best quality products at our always affordable prices.

Before starting your concrete project there are several important factors to consider when you are hiring a concrete contractor. First and foremost are the license, bond, and insurance.

Many homeowners get an estimate from a contractor in the local paper. He comes out and gives you a verbal agreement to do the work with a price written on the back of his business card, or a sheet of paper. Does his card have an office address and phone number? Do you trust him to do the work discussed? Can he supply you with any references? Does the price sound too good to be true? Does he show up when expected? What if he doesn’t pay the suppliers for the materials used on your project?

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